Employee Benefits

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For over thirty years Plan Benefit Services has worked with some of the top employers to build, implement and manage their employee benefit program.


  • Benefits Road Map: with a belief that success comes from hard work and strategic planning we work with each customer to create an organized and comprehensive guide to achieving your short term and long term goals
  • GASB 45 & FASB 106: Liability mitigation strategies and support
  • Cost containment: Impact of using HSAs, HRAs, Wellness programs, On-site medical clinic, telehealth and various other claims reduction strategies
  • Benchmarking: Providing prospective on the competitiveness of your benefits package both locally and nationally
  • Compliance audits: Safeguarding your company against continuously changing Federal and State regulations
  • Bidding and negotiating: Access to a large network of “A” rated insurance carriers
  • HR Consultants: To assist with any HR related questions
  • ERISA attorneys: PBS works with a team of ERISA attorneys to create Federal and State legislative updates for our clients within 48 hours of any changes to the law


  • Enrollment: Internal enrollment team provided with the tools to effectively inform and enroll your employees online, over the phone or face to face. Supporting each segment of your diverse workforce.
  • Recap: Optional emails, newsletters, Posters, video conference, benefits fairs and educational meetings. Providing on-going education throughout the year.
  • Carrier Audit: Performed to protect from billing errors


  • Compliance: Regular Audits and timely legislative updates. Service team: To answer any employer/employee/retiree claims or billing concerns
  • Claims Analyzes: Review claims data to identify cost or utilization issues and projected impact on plan design changes
  • Projected Renewals: By tracking trend and claims data we are able to calculate projected future plan cost and assist with your forecasting and budgeting needs.
  • Monitor: Carrier performance and potential network changes